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Dacia prepares to launch first EV with Spring mini-SUV
Dacia’s first electric vehicle, the Spring, which is based on the Renault K-ZE mini-SUV sold in China, will go on sale early next year.

The Spring was first revealed as a concept in early March, in an online presentation instead of at the canceled Geneva auto show. The production version will have a range of “at least” 200 km (124) miles, Dacia says.

The Spring will be built in a factory in Shiyan, Hubei Province, China, by eGT New Energy Automotive, a joint venture between Renault, Nissan and Dongfeng Automotive. 

The factory builds the Renault City-KZ, which is also sold under Chinese brands associated with Dongfeng and Renault Group, including Venucia and Dongfeng. Last year, Renault sold 2,658 City K-ZEs in China.

Renault Group said this year that it will change its focus in China, halting production and sales of gasoline-driven Renault models to focus on electric vehicles.

Dacia has not announced a price, but the City K-ZE sells in China for about 8,000 euros ($8,900).

Former Renault Group CEO Thierry Bollore said last year that the automaker was working on an electric vehicle that would sell for 10,000 euros or less.

Dacia will aim the Spring at both private owners and short-term rental services. Renault Group says it has 7,800 electric vehicles in such services -- also known as car-sharing -- in Europe.

Renault Group is able to sell Dacia models for low prices largely because the brand relies on older, proven technology from Renault and alliance partner Nissan. Those models, however, have lacked electrified powertrains, which has an impact because Dacia is included in Renault's emissions pool in Europe, where automakers have to reduce their fleet CO2 output to 95 grams per kilometer starting this year or face fines.

As shown in concept form, the Spring has a charging outlet in the right front fender. Dacia says its lighting design is a preview of a new look for Dacia, with narrow horizontal LED headlights set above separate running lights. At the rear, LED taillights form a "double Y" pattern.

The SUV look is enhanced with skid plates and higher ground clearance.

EV China gathers all kinds of technologies for EVs, HVs and FCVs; Motors, Inverters, Rechargeable Batteries, Chargers, etc. Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers visit the exhibition to find suppliers and partners. The exhibition has grown in size every year and has estab-lished itself as the must-attend event for automotive industry professionals.

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