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The 9th China (Guangzhou) EV & HEV Technology Expo 2022

Time:July21-23,2022Venue: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall (PWTC)

Visiting Time
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  • May 24, Tuesday 09:00-16:30
  • May 25,Wednesday 09:00-16:30
  • May 26, Thursday. 09:00-16:30
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Battery/ECU/EV motor
The core technology that distinguishes new energy vehicles from traditional vehicles is "three electrics," which include electric drives, batteries, and electronic controls. Battery electric drive electronic control is one of the most important theme exhibition areas at the EV China. It displays in-wheel motor systems, rechargeable batteries, next-generation battery technology, motor technology, BMS, etc. Over the past seven years, with the support of many industry colleagues, EV China has become the leading new energy vehicle technology exchange platform in Asia.

The New Energy Vehicle Motor Electronic Control Battery Show presents a comprehensive system integration solution for the vehicle motor battery electronic control industry from an international perspective. Since its inception, the scale, scope and professional visitors of the exhibition have grown rapidly, which has greatly promoted the development of global new energy market exchanges and trade!
EV China closed successfully from May 7-9, 2019 at Wuhan New International Expo Center, attracting Tesla, Yutong, BYD, Dongfeng, Chery, Geely, Great Wall, Volvo, Hagrid Bus, Xiamen Jinlong, SAIC, 11,200 procurement representatives and technicians from OEMs such as Changan Automobile, Weilai Automobile, Aichi Automobile, Ford, Dongfeng Motor Group, Toyota Motor, Beiqi Group, and Beiqi Foton came to vist the show.

Range of exhibitors
Electric vehicle DC motor 丨 AC asynchronous motor 丨 Permanent magnet motor 丨 Switched reluctance motor and materials 丨 Control and drive system 丨 Motor assembly line 丨 Battery management system 丨 Controller 丨 Power electronic device 丨 IGBT power module 丨 Inverter 丨 Power module 丨Central control module 丨 Signal detection module 丨 Soft start module 丨 Protection module 丨 Heat dissipation system 丨 Test and monitoring protection equipment 丨 Power battery: Fuel battery 丨 Lithium ion battery 丨 Lithium polymer battery 丨 Nickel cadmium battery 丨 Nickel-hydrogen battery 丨 Iron nickel battery丨 Lead-acid battery 丨 Sodium-sulfur battery 丨 Fuel cell 丨 Super capacitor

Who will visit
automobile manufacturer
Electric engine / inverter manufacturer
Auto parts manufacturer
Rechargeable battery manufacturer
Research institutes and universities;
Research Institute, Technology Center;
Testing and testing agency.
Leaders and experts of national ministries and commissions (Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Science and Technology);

EV China gathers all kinds of technologies for EVs, HVs and FCVs; Motors, Inverters, Rechargeable Batteries, Chargers, etc. Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers visit the exhibition to find suppliers and partners. The exhibition has grown in size every year and has estab-lished itself as the must-attend event for automotive industry professionals.

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